Tomorrow, the market is in the greenhouse!

The autumn farmers markets continue tomorrow, Wednesday, November 7 from 3 until 7 p.m. in the Grand Potager space at Verdun’s municipal greenhouses, 7000 boul.

It’s the last day for Potagers des nues mains (our organic farmer).

We also have a new vendor, Perry from Flora Exotica with Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime leaves and plants, Ginger, Tumeric, Curry leaves, Bay leaves, Chili Pepper, Philippine Limes (Calamondin), Meyer Lemons,  Peruvian Ground Pear (Yacón) tubers (for fresh eating and for next year’s growing), Jamaican Thyme plants, Kaffir Lime plants, Citrus plants, Olive trees and Curry plants.

  • Fatima from Délice de pâtisserie will be there with gluten-free cakes, apple pie and her yummy cheese pillows.
  • Délice de Vergers is there with olives, oils and dates.
  • Le Mielleux honey is there too!
  • Doreen’s handcrafted knits
  • Kathryn’s embroidered crafts

  • and us, CAUS (with flowers, seeds, gloves, etc.) 

This is a great time to pick up gifts.


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