Coop CAUS is hiring!

As part of the “Digital skills for young people” program, coordinated by Communautique, the Urban Abundance Solidarity Coop (CAUS) is looking for a digital coordinator for a paid internship from October 28, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Deadline to apply : October 21st at midnight

CAUS is a non-profit solidarity cooperative located in Verdun. It brings together people from different backgrounds who wish to develop stimulating projects in urban agriculture for the community. We have carried out and/or contributed to several projects over the past 5 years, including: the creation of the OBNL Grand Potager; the organization of Verdun farmers’ markets; participation in the Cultiver Montréal festival; the installation of aquaponics systems in municipal greenhouses in Verdun; the production of vegetable seedlings; and the production of quality compost.

Responsibilities of the position

• Help simplify and integrate our accounting system

• Work on the MTL ON MANGE application which generates recipes made from local products

• Refine our website

• Strengthen our virtual community

All of our employees work independently from their own offices. The intern will have access to our accountant, treasurer and secretary. We are also planning to organize weekly training and coordinating sessions. We will also provide access to all of our digital tools, including Quickbooks, Square, Google Drive, Wave, Stripe, SlashLocal, WordPress, GoDaddy, and Slack.


Qualities sought: comfort with accounting terms and procedures; in-depth knowledge of WordPress and its widgets / plugins; spoken and written French; English an asset; be between 15 and 30 years old at the start of the internship; have completed post-secondary studies; have the legal right to work in Canada; be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person granted refugee status in Canada; not receive employment insurance (EI) benefits during the internship; and self-assess as an underemployed. We encourage members of diverse cultural and under-represented communities to apply.

Terms of the position

Salary : $17/h, 30 hrs/week, variable hours, work site: candidate’s home with 3 days at Grand Potager, 7000 Lasalle, Verdun. Submit your candidature by sending a CV and letter of intent to: before October 21 at midnight.

Published by Coop C.A.U.S.

Community Abundance via Urban Agriculture

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