Verdun Market

Garlic, jazz and knitted crafts at the market tomorrow

After the rain, join us for the farmers’ market in Souvenir Park, 4525 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC (Metro Verdun, between Willibrord and First Avenue from 3 until 7 p.m. tomorrow evening!

The Félix Tellier Pouliot Duo will play from 4 until 6 p.m.

We’ll have garlic from Chantal Paré

Chantal Pare l'ail

soaps from Naturacoeur


  • vegetables from jardins épicés 
  • Delices Épicés
  • Hand knitted goods by Doreen
  • and embroidered items from Kathryn

Hope to see you there!


Strawberries, vegetables and Gypsy Jazz at the market today!

Come see us at Souvenir Park, 4525 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC H4G 3G7, Canada (next to the Metro Verdun, between Willibrord  and 1st avenue) between 3 and 7 p.m. today.

Gypsy Jazz Swing will play between 4 and 6 p.m.

We’ll have strawberries…

  • vegetables from Jardins épicés et Chantal Paré 
  • Delices Épicés
    Delices Épicés
  • Zero waste items from Annick Villeneuve
  • Hand knit items by Doreen
  • and embroidered goods from Kathryn

Cooking contest, strawberries, microgreens plus at the market tomorrow

Come get fresh strawberries, micro-greens, African products plus at the Verdun Farmers Market in front of the Jacqueline-De-Repentigny library 5955 rue Bannantyne tomorrow between 3 and 7 p.m.

Our musicians are Balfolk Montréal.

The cooking contest begins at 5:30 p.m. The challenge: SMOOTHIES. Our judges are Stefan Sobkowiak and Douglas Jack. If you want to join one of our teams, you are welcome.

Get jewellery, clothing and toys at P’tit Coin d’Afrique

rice, rolls and baked goods from Délices des patisseries

microgreens from Mange ta Cour

honey from Le Mielleux plus maple syrup from Domaine du Cap


lots of fresh vegetables from Potager des nues mains

bread, plants, rolls, bags and drawings from our young entrepreneurs

teas from Herbes du Soleil

and fresh strawberries and seeds from us, CAUS.

Asperagus, herbal scents and Russian cuisine at the market tomorrow

Come get your herbal teas and oils from Herbes aux Soleil during Verdun’s weekly farmers’ market in front of the Jacqueline-De-Repentigny Library, 5955 rue Bannantyne tomorrow between 3 and 7 p.m!

and drawings, hooks, plants and bags from our young entrepreneurs

and your vegetables and seedlings from Potager des nues mains

and tarts and cookies from Délices des patisseries


and honey from Le Mielleux plus maple syrup products from Domaine du Cap

CAUS will be there also, with our large kale, compost, seeds, seedlings and gloves for your garden.

The Gypsy Jazz Swing will play between 4 and 6 p.m. too!


Bok choy, seedlings, honey, baked goods and story time at the market tomorrow!

There will be seedlings and vegetables from our farmer, Potager des nues mains at the market in front of the Jacqueline-De-Repentigny library, 5955, rue Bannantyne between 3 and 7 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday June 12.



Herbes au Soleil will also be there with herbal tea

and Le Mielleux, with his wonderful honey

and Annick Villeneuve, with her zero-waste-friendly products for your home


and Délices des patisseries divers with her yummy baked goods and rice meals

and the library, with books and a story-time

and us, CAUS, with our giant Portuguese cabbage, kale and swiss chard leaves that are great for cabbage rolls and other delicious home-made meals, plus our seeds, seedlings, compost and tools

Come support our young entrepreneurs also.


Our musician this week is François Gaulin

Who’s at the market tomorrow?

If you’ve listened to the voice, you’ll appreciate our musician Tony Crow!

Our farmer, Potager des nues mains will also be there.

As will Herbes au Soleil

and Le Mielleux

and P’tit Coin d’Afrique

and the library, with books and a story-time

and us, CAUS, with our giant Portuguese cabbage, kale, swiss chard, seeds, seedlings, compost and tools.

Please join us at the Jacqueline-De-Repentigny Library, Wednesday, June 5 from 3 until 7 p.m. and every Wednesday from now until Thanksgiving!

CAUS will be at Cultiver Verdun!

May 4 and 5: A weekend of edible gardening takes place on the rooftop called Camp Ethel.

This is a project by SDC Wellington and Grand Potager.

You can buy seeds, seedlings, trees and shrubs of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. Also find gardening materials, fun activities and a huge celebration of urban agriculture!

Also, CAUS will be setting up a culinary competition at 2:15 each day to launch the crowdfunding campaign of our MTL Eats, our new digital application to help you eat locally and seasonally.

Drinks and foods available on the site by Chez Robin marché local!

FREE Workshops Schedule

Saturday, May 4

11:15 am to 12 pm – Ça pousse

Construction of a vermicomposteur and discussion on the living soil

1:15 pm to 2 pm – Un plant de tomate à la fois

How to plan your urban garden

14:15 to 15:00

CAUS Culinary competition / launch of the crowdfunding campaign

Sunday May 5th

11:15 am to 12:00 pm – Neumark Design

Grow your berries

1:15 pm to 2 pm – Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains

Vegetable gardening in an urban environment

14:15 to 15:00 – CAUS Culinary competition

Launch of the crowdfunding campaign

Cultiver Verdun is a unifying event that brings together several organizations across Montreal and beyond that work in the field in urban agriculture:

Maison de l’environnement

Chez Robin marché local

Hamidou Horticulture


Concordia Greenhouse

Ça pousse

Un Plant de Tomate à la Fois


Grand Potager

Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains



Neumark Design

Semences du Portage Terre Promise semencièreartisanale


Pro Vert Sud Ouest

Flora Exotica

Les Fermes Lufa

This event is organized as part of Cultiver Montréal : the month of urban agriculture in May! This event brings together a host fantastic exhibitors offering tips and tricks to enhance urban vegetable gardens, the sale of seedlings and horticultural equipment, and awareness activities. Cultiver Verdun encourages residents to implement gardening projects and seeks to promote the resources available in the community for this purpose.

*Have cash for some kiosks!


Seedy Saturday happens in just TWO DAYS!

Come visit the CAUS kiosk on Saturday.

We’ll be at Grand Potager in the Verdun municipal greenhouses, across from the Douglas at 7000 boul. LaSalle, Verdun QC H4H 2G4 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

If you want to purchase some things prior to that day and pick them up already packaged and ready-to-go, we now have an online catalogue.  This will also give you an idea of what we have available.

There will be free conferences from 20 to 25 minutes long as of 11 a.m. too. Here’s the schedule:

11h00 –  Jardiner en ville  – Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains

11h30 – Applications de la permaculture en ville  –  Planète Jardin

12h00 – Produire et conserver ses semences chez soi –  Maison de l’environnement de Verdun

12h30 -Séance d’information sur les placements éthiques et environnementaux –  Laurence Bouvet Services financiers


13h30 – From Seed to Story – Own Your Creativity

14h00 –  Transplants ou semis directs? Avantages et défis de chacun –  Ferme Les Carottés

SEED EXCHANGE: There will also be a seed exchange table if you have seeds you’d like to share or seeds you want to try.