The second week at the Wellington family market

Sabrina Liu de Niagara Falls a des pierres semi-précieuses etc.
Sabrina Liu of Niagara Falls with semi-précious stones, etc.

**Here are our vendors / participants for Sunday, July 12!


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Jardins Tierra Viva Gardens (farmers)

Fraser’s Field (farmers)

Le Mielleux (Quebec honey)

Fabrice (sweet baked goods)

Ferme Oracle des Bois ( artisanal bread)

(Ferme) Sud-Ouest Co-op Farm (semis / seedlings)

Green Bunny Workshop (Origami jewellery)

Sabrina Liu (semi-precious stones, etc.)

Jacinthe Rodrigue (artist)


CAUS: herbs, decorative ceramics + plants

Jaya Thifault (hand-made soaps & candles) AND face painting for children!!!

***PLUS: Workshop presented by: “Un plant de tomate à la fois“:
Ma Calendula !

– 12:15 p.m.  (between 3 and 6 years)
– 2:15 p.m. (between 6 and 9 years)


“Learn how a plant eats and what it needs to grow in a fun workshop in which you will also get your hands dirty learning the proper steps of seeding and plant care!”

Workshops are bilingual.



Auto Water System


Join COOP C.A.U.S. member Eric as he guides us through a hands-on demonstration of how to construct self-watering container systems!

The workshop takes place this Saturday from 3 until 5 p.m. at Nu Art Café, 3770 Wellington Street, Verdun.

Please join our Facebook event to let us know you’re coming.