What is coop CAUS?

Coop CAUS is an non profit solidarity cooperative organization that strives for abondance for all through promoting and cultivating urban agriculture to deliver food security, health fresh produces, locally made products and zero waste.

How do I become a member?

CAUS is a non-profit solidarity cooperative with three types of members:

  • consumers who own one share in the company receives 10% discount
  • producers, who own 50 shares in the company receives first dibs, 10% discount and a reduced rates on tables at our events
  • workers, who own 100 shares in the company receives tables at events for free in addition to the same discounts other members receive (10%)

Members pay for shares when they join CAUS, although 10% can be paid when you join, with another 10% due every following year until your qualifying shares are fully paid for.

Visit the CAUS kiosk at Grand Potager or at one of our farmers’ markets for more information.

Can I buy produces and products online?

Yes, you can! Click here or navigate to “buy local” to see more details on virtual market that’s open for online shopping!

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