Machabée Farm

Their story: Visit the Machabée organic farm and fill your basket with fresh organic products: vegetables, herbs, maple syrup, honey, chicken, lamb, vinegar, legumes and cereals. Quebec-Vrai certified. Located in Saint-Chrysostome, in Montérégie, this farm offers a multitude of fresh and organic products: vegetables, herbs, honey, legumes and cereals. All Quebec-Vrai certified. In addition, itContinue reading “Machabée Farm”

Herbes au Soleil

Their story: Herbes au Soleil est une entreprise en herboristerie traditionnelle et membre de l’Association RITMA. Made from high-quality products, Herbes au Soleil is committed to making a positive contribution to your health through diversified body and energy care. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and find a lot of useful information. We attach greatContinue reading “Herbes au Soleil”

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