Another aquaponics visit

WP_20150616_004Our model aquaponics system after two weeks. The fish and plants are growing well!





Family Markets in Verdun Messenger


Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec wrote an article in Le Messenger de Verdun:

Fresh products in every Verdun neighbourhood

Family public markets will be installed in all three borough neighbourhoods this summer. For the first time in six years, the mainland joins Nun’s Island in ensuring that all residents have access to fresh food and local products close to home.

Read the entire article in French.

Thank you to the borough of Verdun!


Tonight, Verdun borough councillors voted to give a subsidy of $20,000 to the Art of Raising Children (ARC) organization to animate farmers’ markets in collaboration with the Urban Abundance Solidarity Coop (CAUS).

Guillaume Voyer, the president of CAUS was there to thank them.

Watch his comments at minute 16.31 un the second part of the question period on the videao archives of council meetings.

Thank you everyone!

Urban Aquaponics in Metro

WP_20150520_012Today, Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec wrote an article,

Urban aquaponics: fish garden in Verdun

about our aquaponics system at the Douglas Institute.

The Douglas University Health Institute welcomes Quebec’s first community aquaponics system, a form of integrated aquaculture in which raising fish and growing vegetables strengthen one another.

Thank you to the Douglas Institute for welcoming our system!

Read the entire ‘article in French.

Nancy Snyitar and urban initiatives

Nancy Snyitar
Nancy Snyitar
Nancy Snyitar

Nancy Snyitar, one of our founders, was among urban agriculture experts cited in Guenevere Neufeld’s article published by The Suburban today.

“There’s no reason why we can’t have food growing all around us and you can’t just go up to a tree and pick a fruit.”

Read the article.

Auto Water System


Join COOP C.A.U.S. member Eric as he guides us through a hands-on demonstration of how to construct self-watering container systems!

The workshop takes place this Saturday from 3 until 5 p.m. at Nu Art Café, 3770 Wellington Street, Verdun.

Please join our Facebook event to let us know you’re coming.