Who are we?

The Coopérative de solidarité Abondance Urbaine Solidaire (CAUS) aims to create abundance for citizens in healthy and local food, education and social relations.

As a non-profit solidarity cooperative, our company is run democratically and jointly by different groups with common interests and goals. All of our projects contribute to climate change mitigation, while providing multiple local benefits and strengthening the resilience of communities. We provide members and citizens with quality local products and services and help them grow their own food year round. We invite members, citizens and organizations to reduce their waste.

CAUS is a member and tenant of Grand Potager where we use urban agriculture as an important key to the food security of Verdun residents and the resilience of the community.

We have three types of members: workers who coordinate our projects, producers who participate in our markets and consumers. Consumers pay $ 10 which entitles them to a 10% discount at CAUS kiosks and workshops. Producers buy 50 parts (minimum 5 per year) and workers buy 100 parts (minimum 10 per year).

We have contributed to several projects over the past 5 years, including: the creation of the NPO Grand Potager; the organization of Verdun farmers’ markets, participation in the Cultiver Montréal festival; the installation of aquaponics systems in municipal greenhouses in Verdun; the production of vegetable seedlings, then the production of quality compostCAUS is a non-profit solidarity cooperative in Verdun.

Our worker members are:

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